PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat Measures

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat

PUBG Mobile on Anti-Cheat has announced a remedy on ongoing false practices that kills players in one shot. Cheaters are present everywhere and PUBG Mobile is also prone to nuisance. Therefore, the company is taking steps to detect and ban players who tend to destroy the whole game system. The PUBG team went into monitoring […]

Updates For Appstore Games Stopped In China

Apple Stops Updates in China Appstore Games

Tech giant Apple has stopped updates of thousands of iPhone via Appstore. According to The Financial Times, the firm seems to have taken this step as it struggles to comply with local regulations by the Chinese government. The Chinese Apple App Store is the largest generator of revenue for the company. China is, in fact, […]

Microsoft Will Show Xbox Games on 23 July

Xbox games

Microsoft will show Xbox Games on 23 July at noon EST as a part of the Summer Game Fest 2020 hosted by Geoff Keighley. Users can watch this event on its official website or social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channels. As we know Microsoft has called off its own online streaming platform […]