Experience Space Rider- The Latest Hyper-Casual Game

Space Rider-Spawn-Point

Have you played Space Rider yet? There is something genuinely splendid about this latest hyper-casual game ‘Space Rider’ from Spawn Point Gaming. The game features wonderful game environments accompanied by magnificent spaceships. To the people who have still not tried this fun game, they should really go for it. The gameplay of Space Rider is […]

Torchlight III Now Available on PC, PS4 & Xbox One

Torchlight III-Spawn-Point

Torchlight III has officially launched on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for $39.99. The game will later release on the Nintendo Switch on 22nd October. The game brings back iconic mechanics, such as the hack’n’slash battle and beloved pet system, that characterized the franchise, while delivering the thrilling new stories and features that draw […]

New Hybrid-Casual Game Ancient Battle Heads to Mobile Platforms

Ancient Battle-Spawn-Point

The new hybrid-casual game Ancient Battle heads to the iOS and android store. The game features strategy with hybrid-casual mechanics which let players defeat opponents. Here you can witness an encounter of kings with epic troops and bring the army together with mighty allies for the victory. Lion Studios is the publisher of the game […]

Bless Unleashed PC Closed Beta Revealed

Bless Unleashed PC-Spawn-Point

Bless Unleashed PC first Closed Beta Test is scheduled for 4 November on PC and will last for 5 days. The game is already released on console and fans are waiting for the PC version. The entire game can be played by 2-5 players and up to 24 Levels to explore various dungeons. All players […]