NBA 2K22 to Get a Fresh Soundtrack

NBA 2K22 to Get a Fresh Soundtrack- Header

Exciting soundtracks and sports games have often gone hand in hand. Players often get to experience some great and fresh soundtracks at the start of the season. However, with the speed at which fresh songs keeps coming out, as the season progresses, we soon get tired of the set soundtrack. NBA 2K22 is looking to […]

eFootball: All We Know So Far

eFootball: All We Know So Far- Header

The hugely popular association football simulation Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) or Winning Eleven (as it is known in Japan) was rebranded as eFootball by developer and publisher Konami. With the first edition of the game, being released in 1995, it has emerged as the second most popular association football video game, with FIFA taking the […]

National Esports Championship to Kick-off Tomorrow

National Esports Championships to Kick off Tomorrow- Header

Attention gamers! the Esports Federation of India (ESFI), New Delhi, opened the registration portal for the National Esports Championship (NESC) 2021. This year’s edition of the must awaited event will be held from August 6, 2021 to August 22, 2021. Esports enthusiasts from all across the country, who are above eighteen years of age, are […]