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A3: Still Alive Pre-Registration Now Open

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Netmarble Corp. is set to release The A3: Still Alive for players in 172 countries around the world. It unveils a wonderfully Dark Universe of war, conflict, and chaos. Players are required to pre-register on App Store ® and Google Play Store.


It is a cross-genre, open-world RPG that delivers combat gameplay experiences. Players must be careful in an often-open Player vs. Player (PvP) setting in a dystopian world of swords and sorcery when battling adversaries by intensive slashes and hacking in the possession of strong weapons.

Watch the A3: Still Alive Pre-Registration Video:

A3: STILL ALIVE is brilliantly created with 3D quality graphics with a variety of game modes such as Castle Siege, Dark Presence, and World Boss Content. Earlier the game was first released in the Korean game market and gained huge popularity among game masses.


Players can earn in-game items such as brilliant soul star, accessory chest, MacBook Pro on pre-registering the game. On sharing the promo video or inviting friends for pre-registration, players can earn more in-game items.



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