Activision Bans 20,000 Cheaters-Spawn Point

Activision Bans 20,000 Cheaters of Call of Duty: Warzone

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According to reports, Activision bans 20,000 cheaters of call of duty Call of Duty: Warzone as soon as the company discovers fraud in the game through an app. The players of this famous game looked forward to the new season, however, some accounts players were disabled before the new season was released.

Why Activision Bans 20,000 Cheaters?

Along with several bans on player’s account, the ban was included on Wagner, who is the online twitch streamer of the game. He was using a peculiar cheat called EngineOwning which was successfully detected by Activision.


Like every other common online game, some players use cheats to take the lead in Warzone. For months Activision has been systematically identifying and banning these cheaters. On Twitter in March, the company confirmed that more than 70,000 accounts were blocked.


The organization has also sought innovative methods to ensure that cheaters may not build a fake account after they are suspended. In May, players were required to log in to play online with an activated mobile phone account. Inadvertently, this activity created a market in which people sell accounts that are already synonymous with numbers to aid cheaters in the game.



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