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Apple and Google Pulled off Fortnite from their Stores!

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Reportedly, the two leaders in the game market, Apple and Google pulled off Fortnite from their respective stores over the past day. They took this initiative by Apple first which was followed by Google.


Both companies in an official statement state that- They cannot change the policy and the game is strictly violating our terms and guidelines. Further, they mentioned that they are open to discussions with the Epic Games to resolve the issues and ready to make Fortnite return to stores.


In response to this matter, Epic Games has sued both tech giants by filing a complaint. It has also started a social media protest through a YouTube video with the hashtag #FreeFortnite. Earlier the Spotify company also complained about this issue of 30% cut.

Why Apple and Google Pulled off Fortnite from Stores?

This action was done when the Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite game has recently released an update that makes users to do in-app purchases directly. Apple and Google collect a 30% revenue from these in-app purchases of games and the recent update from Epic Games has strategically violated this policy. Now the game application is not available in both the stores.

Check Out Fortnite Launch Trailer here:

The game has over 350 million market players worldwide, despite its immense popularity the game is currently unavailable in the play stores. It is a free-to-play title but players have to make purchases for costumes, skins, gears and weapons through in-app. However, all Android players not iOS players can still download the Fortnite game from the Samsung Galaxy app and Epic Games Store.



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