Black Desert-Spawn Point

Black Desert Gets a New Content Update

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Black Desert from Pearl Abyss got a newly updated content called Hadum’s Realm. The new update brings a new merchantry called Mediah, new events and other resources in the game. It is an open-world MMORPG game with amazing visuals and skill-based combat. Here players have the option to customize characters.


The developer Pearl Abyss has also shared a video of Ryan Kang, the producer who is discussing new content updates and also revealed upcoming characters.

Check Developer’s Insight in Black Desert Game:

With the arrival of a new area and quest, Hadum, the Goddess of the moon, is on her way to the Black Desert planet. The Dark Omen will first greet the heroes before Hadum appears to help them prepare for the reign of Hadum. This preparatory phase will allow adventurers to get precious things from Orwen ‘s Shop and to buy new arms and armor.

Black Desert-Spawn Point

The game will provide some interesting rewards like Gold Bars, Secret Books of Old Moon, and other special rewards to level up in the game. Download the game from the Google Play Store and iOS store now!


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