Blend It 3D

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Blend It 3D is a casual, fun and single-player game where we have to blend a variety of interesting ingredients with a blender to make refreshing smoothies for people. This way you progress to later stages. While Blend It 3D game is simple to play, yet it is a bit different from other casual games. As it helps to carve out of your boring daily life and toss it with a fun twist of you being the owner of a refreshing smoothie center.


Developer: Say Games


Genre: Casual
Available at: Android & iOS


What’s New: New Ingredients and Blenders.

Blend It 3D img 1

How it Powers Up: Focus on simplicity, Satisfaction will follow!



I found the gameplay of Blend It 3D very simple and appealing to the eye. It is also pretty easy to learn. The process is quite therapeutic and satisfying too. Here, people come at your shop to buy refreshing smoothie > they tell you what they prefer > You blend the required ingredients > select the wanted glass and decoration type > And finally serve them. Then they will give stars based-on ingredients, decoration, and skills. (Go creative!)

Blend It 3D img 2

But how do you make a good tasty smoothie?

Before you plan it further, let me hold you with a twist.


A small, but possible, challenge.

The twist is to make smoothies by using weird ingredients. That’s simply because to make it more interesting to the players. I feel that it’s the silly challenges in this game which act as some modern influences. I’ve seen that many casual games perform best with a fresh twist and here I observed some Robots and Aliens coming to order a smoothie and I was totally surprised to see ingredients such as Mobile and socks or something totally weird. But that is also the fun part of the game, don’t be afraid to combine theses multiple ingredients. Most importantly here I was allowed to try something new of my own. This can be trickier to build and come up with new silly yet fun ideas that will satisfy my customers, though. The more you mix it, the more you juice it. After all, you just need to shake the right ingredients.

Blend It 3D img 3

Don’t forget to share in the comment section, what was the weirdest ingredient you used in a smoothie for your customer?


Although the Blend It 3D is quick and easy to play, there are a lot of ads too i.e. After gameplay or two you will discover several ads which get quite annoying as you progress. The makers have given full attention to details in the game, like how much of the ingredient has to be used or if you put too much of the hand in a blender you may cut your hand and have to restart the whole process. This detailing of procedure in Blend It 3D makes it more realistic and totally worth it.

Improvisation & Suggestions:

The game provides tons of up-gradation to the scenery or typically to the background behind the customers. We can also upgrade things like our blender, shop, sitting arrangement, etc.

I’ve found a couple of major bugs in Blend It 3D which hampers user experience.

Some of them are:

  • When the internet is disabled and I visited the consent page and exits the game, I was unable to play the game unless I accepted the consent.
  • Also, without internet, I was not able to upgrade things that are to be upgraded by watching the video as there is no notification to the user regarding the network condition i.e. The game does not say that the internet is not available when there is no internet and user try to access content that requires an online connection.
  • The Back button is non-functional on Android devices.
  • And many more…

There aren’t any missions but Blend It 3D has interesting gameplay due to its graphics and types of blends. Also, sound triggers at the right time providing you with an awesome experience. Here I feel that the developers have focused on a simple idea, to make this game more engaging. The upgrades require a decent amount of coins which has now become rare to see. There aren’t any In-App Purchases throughout the game for coins or removing ads. The only thing to stress is that you will have to bear the ads if you like the game. Though the game was pleasing for me in the beginning, eventually gets a little less interesting as I played further due to limited ingredients. But since it is a casual game, I can forgive it. This game is satisfactory to play and players can pass time in short breaks or during short travels.




  • Easy to play
  • Interesting gameplay
  • Pleasing graphics
  • No In-App Purchases for in-game currency.
  • Do not have to spend too much time grinding for upgrades



  • Too many ads
  • Some major bugs
  • No internet connection pop-up
  • No IAP features to disable ads.


In-app purchases: None
Pricing Model: Free
Worth playing or Not: Worth Playing

Blend It 3D img 4

For me, Blend It 3D stood out as an engaging game. Going faster, blending fruits, creating the coolest smoothie of all time. And it returns, you will earn stars (That sense of achievement). Children above 3 years can play this game. If you are looking to pass your time into an impractical world- then consider ‘Blend It 3D’ The graphics are good. Upgrades of various parts of the game do not require too much grinding. Developers have focused on tiny details for greater user experience. Ingredients are impractical but it also makes the game interesting and funny. There are no in-app purchases which are great, but there is no way around the ads except for turning off your internet. Must say, good job done by Say Games.

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