Catan World Explorers

Catan World Explorers is Niantic’s New Game

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Niantic Studio the developer of Pokemon Go and Harry Potter is here with a new augmented reality board game called Catan World Explorers. This board game makes you collect useful resources to build towns, cities, and roads to earn victory points. 


The creators have used AR formula in Catan World Explorers to turn Earth surrounding into a Catan game board. While discovering the virtual creation of a real-life environment, you will get resources such as stone, brick, ore, timber for the development of cities from basic towns. These resources can be abundantly available nearby or need to fetch in distant areas.

Catan: World Explorers

In this upcoming title, players need to team up with other players at both local and global levels. You can also create matches and customize it to play with friends. Hence, it is a massively multiplayer game where the rewards earned can be taken to future events.

Pre-registration of Catan World Explorers

Pre-registration is now open on its official site and the beta version will also be available soon in the market. Register now to experience this exciting, fun game. Subscribe the Spawn-Point newsletter and stay tuned with us for more future updates.