CSD 21

CSD 21 Will Launch on 6th Aug 2020

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Go Play Games recently announced that the CSD 21 will release on 6th August 2020 for both mobile and PC platforms. This is a football club management game that was first launched in 2017. It has seen huge popularity with more than 10 million downloads.


CSD 21 is the 4th free-to-play title of the company with in-app purchases. It will deliver several new features which include 2020/2021 season data and more.

Club soccer Director 2021

New Features in Club Soccer Director 2021 are:

  • New Match Engine
  • 3D Football World
  • Dressing Room Highlights
  • New League Rules
  • Youth Squad
  • Board Ownership
  • Updated Season Players, and Staff Data
  • Developed Board Ownerships
  • Detailed Job Options
  • Improved Competitions

Check out the CSD 21 Trailer here:

CSD21 is a football management game with real day-to-day club management scenarios. Players perform the role of Football director at the club and manage the club. Here players are only responsible for hiring, managing, recruiting managers, team and players.


Players can pre-order this fun and engaging game on its official website. This upcoming game title will release worldwide on Google Store, App Store, Amazon Games, Steam, and other online stores.


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