Distraint 2

Distraint 2 Horror Game is Half Price on Play Store

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Distraint 2 is a popular 2D horror adventure game available on the Apple store and Google Play store. This game is the sequel to the original game Distraint and is currently available in half price on Google Play store.

 It has an effective dark story with intriguing characters which makes the game engaging throughout. The gameplay of Distraint 2 is simple where you just need to solve puzzles, collect items, and progress.

Check Distraint 2 official release trailer here:

The background music, sound design, user-interface all add value to the game. It is the best horror fiction available where you play the role of a man who sacrificed his soul to get business from a leading company that destining him to horrific situations.

Experience this seamless horror adventure game that takes horror events to the next level by just downloading it for $2.99 on Google Play Store.

Source: Jesse Makkonen