Leaks of Erangle 2.0 Map for PUBG Mobile are Here

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It has been a while since the developers have been spreading the talks about its new map, Erangel 2.0. After the recent controversy about ‘Mysterious Jungle’ map which sparked controversy amongst Muslim players worldwide. However, Tencent took it down after the criticism.

If believed on rumours, PUBG Mobile has released the redesigned Erangle 2.0 map has been in Chinese version of the game, Game For Peace. Although this is a beta version but there are some leaks worth mentioning.

1. Ultra HD Settings This setting will play a major role in high-end phones.

(Picture Courtesy: LuckyMan/YT)
Erangle 2 Spawn Point

2.Enhanced Graphics Interiors, Buildings, Houses are redesigned for more details and graphics.

 (Picture Courtesy: Rey LAGARTO/YT)
Erangle 3 Spawn Point

3. Controls Customisation –Resizing the controls, changing the opacity, vehicle control button are few features you can customise in control settings.

(Picture Courtesy: LuckyMan/YT)
Erangle 5 Spawn Point

4. Waypoint Settings User can plan their routes in advance.


Erangle 6 Spawn Point

These are just the tip of the iceberg in this coming update. We are eagerly waiting for this update to release soon. Let us know what you think. 

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