Eve Echoes

Eve Echoes Now Available on Mobile

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The long-anticipated MMORPG from CCP Games and Netease, Eve Echoes is now available on mobile platforms. The game went live today and servers are open now to download and play the game. It is a space-based storyline that runs in a different universe which is alike Eve Online.

Eve Echoes

Watch Eve Echoes Trailer here:

It is a fun and immersive free-to-play multiplayer game with in-app purchases such as Omega, Skill Chips, etc. Players can claim for various rewards by becoming an Omega Clone. This mobile sci-fi sandbox MMO is filled with adventure, thrilling gameplay, and victory.

Since the game has gone live today for both Android and Apple devices, check out Eve Echoes on the Google Play Store and App Store right here. For more information and details, you can check out the official website of the game.


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