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Exos Heroes Season 2 Released New Update

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Line Games has announced the release of the upcoming second season update in Exos Heroes. Season 2 is called ‘The North Wind’ which will introduce players to the famous gacha game’s new history series, heroes and more, as well as a few new structures and a variety of events. This new season 2 will carry forward from the previous season which ended with a fight between Zeon and Shufraken. Zeon got injured and damaged by Shufkraken and thereafter rescued by Schmid- one of his former mentors and got treated by Jinai.

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The new season will showcase Neomi and Schmid, both new characters and some other supporting characters called Dorka and Kylock, Neomi rule the Kingdom of Brunn. The game is updated with ‘Signature Force’ and ‘Hero Awaken’ systems to give players the maximum gameplay experience.


The Signature Force utilizes characters or Heroes as an element to enhance the capabilities and energies whereas the ‘Awaken Hero’ firstly absorbs and then transfers exclusive Armor to the Hero. The new season brings a few new armors which can be bought from the equipment dungeons.

Exos Heroes

Season 2 has some cosmetic updates as well such as coloring heroes with the choice and desire of players and more. It will host some in-game events and 77 free Recruits events from 3rd to 24th September which brings some rewards to players every day for a week. Players can also get the Hero Neomi on the last day of the event when successfully earning all the other rewards.



Exos Heroes is available in multiple languages such as English, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Download the game from the Google Play Store and iOS Store.




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