Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Coming Soon

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Square Enix’s remastered edition, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles trailer is here for all RPG fans. It is a multiplayer (1-4 players) adventure game with amazing visual graphics, excellent soundtrack, and more. The game comprises of 13 dungeons and has cross-play functionality.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is based on a young squad known as the Crystal Caravanners. They start their journey to look for precious liquid myrrh, which is used to clean and protect a crystal of their world from miasma, the poisonous gas.

Watch Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Trailer:

The game was originally being scheduled for January 2020 but got delayed and now players can discover new experiences through this remastered edition on August 27th through PlayStation 4, Android, iOS devices, and Nintendo Switch.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The title will be released for download on iOS and Android, and this downloadable update will have the same features on consoles as the recently announced Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Game Lite variant. This free smartphone edition can be updated to the complete version by buying an update that unlocks all material and story about the title.




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