Indie Games Festival 2020

Google Reveals Winners of Indie Games Festival 2020

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Google has rounded up the Indie Games Festival 2020 in Europe, Japan, and South Korea. The Indie Games festival aims to appreciate the good game titles of small game developers that are filled with creativity and innovation. All the winners will receive a prize pool of promo campaigns on the Google Play Store, and consultation from the core Google Play team.


The top 20 finalists for this event were chosen from thousands of entries, and these finalists were placed in an online format where all the juries could easily view their game and vote for winners. After the poll was conducted the winners were announced officially. The game titles of winners were originally planned to be showcased at art events but were cancelled due to the raging pandemic.

Check out the three winners from Indie Games Festival 2020 here:


Indie Games Festival 2020
  1. Cookies Must Die- Rebel Twins
  2. Inbento- Afterburn
  3. The White Door- Rusty Lake


  1. GIGAFALL- Shiki Game Studio
  2. METBOY!- Rebuild Games
  3. Wasurenaide, otona ni natte mo- GAGEX Co.,Ltd.

South Korea

  1. Heroes Restaurant- Team Tapas
  2. Magic Survival- LEME
  3. Project Mars- Moontm



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