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GRID Autosport’s multiplayer beta on Android

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In March, Feral Interactive announced that they will bring GRID Autosport’s multiplayer to iOS port, and now they are in open beta stage testing crossplay on Android devices.

Grid autosport

GRID Autosport’s multiplayer Testing:

The iOS users who want to participate in the beta multiplayer testing need to download the TestFlight app and then use the sign-up link whereas Android users can simply download the game from Google Play Store and starts playing. This game has been praised by fans calling it has one of the best racing simulators on iOS when it first launched in November 2017.

Apple users need to have iOS 10 or later and Android users need to have 9.0 or later to run the GRID Autosport’s multiplayer game. The beta version is available worldwide and the users who are not interested to play multiplayer beta can play GRID Autosport by downloading it on App Store and Google Store which will cost $9.99 and some other in-app purchases that unlock motor cars, racing tracks, etc.

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