Brawlhalla- Spawn Point

Mako the Shark Arrives in Brawlhalla

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One of Ubisoft’s immensely popular free-to-play game title Brawlhalla to receive Mako the Shark as the new legend in the game. The new character will be there for two weeks in the battle pass of season 2 and will be the 51st character that will be added to the game.

Brawlhalla- Spawn Point

Explore Brawlhalla Trailer here:

This is an amazing free-to-play action game that puts players in the Valhalla Halls for glory! Pick from over 50 exclusive legends and spring in online and locally with up to eight players in a single-player and co-op mode.


The newest update from Brawlhalla also combines a fresh rotation with the roster of free characters and introduces new weeks of challenges, as the game progresses into and through the completion of the current Season. The next ranked season 18 starts from the 7th of October.


Download this fun game on Android & iOS device, or play the game on PC via Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.



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