The Jungle Tour

Mario Kart Tour- Jungle Tour Event live now!

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The Jungle Tour Event of Mario Kart Tour is in action now. It introduces some familiar faces from the Donkey Kong Country theme to the race track. The popular Funky Kong, Dixie Kong have also joined the race. The special skill of Funky Kong is his Banana Barrell and of Dixie Kong is the Triple Banana skill which helps them to obstruct the path of other drivers.

The Jungle Tour

With the addition of these two new faces, you can also experience the Rambi Rider which is like the rhino. Other than this, it also has team racing mode and multiplayer room codes features to play these matches with friends and family locally or online.

Check out the Jungle Tour Event trailer here:

The Mario Kart Tour Event is available from 18th May until 2nd June. So, go and experience the ultimate fun right away. Also, feel free to discuss new drivers in this Jungle Tour below!

Source: Mario Kart Tour