Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival

Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival Will Run Until September 8

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Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival is here that will run until September 8th. This time also Nintendo brought a fresh content update to make the tour interesting and fun for the players. The whole latest Yukata outfit for Daisy is introduced on this tour. It’s a good style and design and is certainly a more pleasant game with the amazing gameplay experience.


Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival is bringing special in-game courses that are inspired by the real-world for the next 2 weeks. Players can use all-powerful elements and chase for high scores in endless racing fun. All fans can tune in to the event until September 8th at 10:59 PM PST or IST.

Watch Mario Kart Tour Summer Festival Trailer here:

Mario Kart Tour Overview:

Week 1: Daisy (Yukata)


The first week of Kart Tour is focused on Daisy (Yukata) also called Festival Girl Kart and the glider from Crimson Cranes. The special item of Yukata is Fire Flower.


Week 2: Mario and Peach


In the second week, fans can find Mario (Hakama) whose special item is the Coin Box, Peach (Kimono) whose special item is the Mushroom Cannon and Mario (Happi) with the Bob-omb Cannon as the special item.


Players will also receive tour gifts such as Baby Rosalina, Charger Kart, and Parachute Glider. Players having Gold Pass can have the chance to get Grand Stars with Red Koopa, Black Circuit Kart and other Tour gifts and bonuses.


It is a multi-player game where players can challenge the maximum of seven opponents worldwide and can collect or upgrade to karts, gliders, etc. The free-to-play game title is available to download for mobile devices. Check out the Mario Kart Tour on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.


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