Minecraft 1.16 Nether update

Minecraft Nether Update is Out Now!

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Mojang Studios has come up with a major update in Minecraft game, Minecraft Nether update is out now for all gamers. Players can download Minecraft Nether on PC/MAC,  Mobile, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


This new update brings enormous story content with new mobs, biomes, blocks, items, bastion structures, respawn anchors, and more.

Watch Minecraft Nether Update Trailer:

Features of Nether Update:

  • Minecraft’s 1.16 update centers on the Nether world, a hazardous place that recently got even more hazardous with introducing four new biomes, the Crimson Jungle, Basalt Deltas, forest, and Soulsand Valley.


  • In line with the Nether’s scary theme, new enemies are in the mix as well as new bricks, woods, plants, and stuff, such as Netherite, that can upgrade your diamond armour.


  • Minecraft 1.16 update also carries a free adventure entitled “Way of the Nether,” where you can solve the disappearance of the Poppy Isle’s mayor.


  • More than 300 bug fixes (Crashes/Performance/General/Gameplay/Graphical, etc) and some parity updates like mob Despawning, aquatic music and sounds, curses, villages.


  • Different danger segments (new mobs) including Piglins, Strider, Zoglins, and Hoglins. A fresh three tracks from Lena Raine, for underwater music, cave sounds, and ambient sound called “Pigstep”


Minecraft Nether update

This new update is also available in Java edition, windows, Mac OS, and Linux. Download Minecraft update right away on Google Play and Apple Store now.


Did you observe the new Mojang Studios logo on the splash screen? Tell us about your experience with this new update in the comment section below.



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