Most Popular Mobile Games in India 2019-2020

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Indian gaming market is whooping exponentially in the world with around thousands of gamers and making a value of more than $850 Million dollar. Particularly, India has over 400 Million smartphone users and with that Mobile games are also surging. Today, there are so many game genres from Action games to strategy to hyper casual games and inventories available to a gamer.


Specifically, in India action games say Battle Royale games with their graphic intensive appearances are very popular.


Some of the popular game titles in India are as follows;


1. PUBG: Mobile-Player’s Unknown Battle Ground title was launched in the year 2018 March and after that there was no looking back for this game. PUBG: Mobile is leading its way to Indian gaming community with its increase number of active users and downloads.


PUBG is the origin of Tencent Games. Their most popular phrase ‘Winner, winner chicken dinner’ was spread among masses. They keep on adding seasonal themes and conducts e-sports tournaments & events to spread PUBG game popularity among the masses.


2. Call of Duty (COD): Mobile- Activision has successfully developed this first-person shooter game. The game consists of some amazing features, themes, music and various game modes. It is basically a console-based game but has a tremendous fan count in mobile also. It has recently been awarded as a best Android game on play-store.


3. Clash Royale– This RTS game is developed from the maker of Clash of Clans i.e. supercell. Although it has been released in the year 2016 but it has managed to reach & increase its fan base highly due to its interactive feature. The makers keep on adding new features and strategy applications to attract gamer community.


4. Clash of Clans– Another strategic game from SuperCell. With its tactical & strategic approach this game has been able to create and roll in full power. With the rating of 4.6 this game has become one of the favorites of Indian Gaming community.


5. Subway Surfers– This particular game is vibrant & colorful with appealing graphics. Subway Surfers is very popular among young age groups due to its simple game designs and mechanics. Which eventually is tempting players to play repeatedly.


6. Other notable popular games in India are;

  • Candy crush saga
  • Coin master
  • 8 Ball pool
  • Ludo king

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