‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode in PUBG Sparks Fury

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PUBG Mobile recently launched its exclusive Mysterious Jungle mode on a Sanhok map. Muslim Players worldwide began criticizing PUBG Mobile for introducing “Idol-worshipping” into the game quickly after the game mode launched. The Mysterious Jungle mode introduced totems in PUBG Mobile. Tencent, took all the criticism into account and issued an update to drop PUBG Mobile‘s Enigmatic Jungle mode. Previously, PUBG Mobile‘s loading screen also featured Totems to support the new Mode, which no longer exists.


Such totems had to grant the players wishes, including health restore. However, players had to worship these Totems to get that done. However, other features of game mode, such as Hot air balloons and magical Jungle food are also not to be found. Following multiple launches of PUBG Mobile, not only the totems but the entire Mysterious Jungle mode are unavailable.

It may be possible for PUBG Mobile to launch another internal update to restore the Mysterious Jungle mode, without of course the “Idol-Worshipping” element.