Erangel Map Spawn Point

New Erangel Map Arrives in PUBG Mobile

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The most awaited Erangel Map 2.0 is all set to arrive on PUBG Mobile this season. The new era of the game with refined battle experience, new elements, and high-level competition and exclusive Erangel features is beginning from September 8th. This announcement was done on August 28th by AppStore and PUBG Mobile Corp. in a joint statement.


The PUBG MOBILE team, after several months of continuous reviews, developing and testing, has modified the most important map of the game with major improvements that not only boost graphics and functionality continuously but also guarantee high-quality gameplay.

Erangel Map

Explore New Erangel Map in PUBG Mobile:

Features of New Updates in Erangel Map:

  • Improved Visuals- The intensity of the lighting system has been increased which leads to seeing reflections of players on the water. The pattern and quality of visuals are enhanced to give out acreal-time feel, for example, buildings and climate, debris, dust, air bursts, mud flashings and the interaction of distance.


  • Revamped Building- Several houses and cottages have been altered and developed around New Erangel. Therefore, players are required to build strategies that enable players to adjust defensive methods and to strike.



  • New Elements in Map- Fresh elements like lost pits, tree-trunk walls, discarded tanks and bunkers provide players with new ways of formulating chicken dining techniques and tactics.


  • Resource Point Changes- Players will get new resources such as loot, gear, etc in in-game areas like Sosnovka Military Base, Prison, Mansion, etc for giving out different gaming experiences with diverse strategies.


Erangel Map

This new update will bring a seamless combat gameplay experience in mobile devices. Other than the features of the New Erangel map the creators have come up with the polished user interface giving players more intuitive controls with amazing sounds and visuals. Download the new update free from the Google Play Store and App Store and get started with the battleground.



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