Orwells Animal Farm

Orwells Animal Farm- An Upcoming Adventure Title

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Orwells Animal Farm is a fictional book written by George Orwell that depicts civilization and its regimes by dwelling on the danger to an animal farm from democratic dystopia. By taking inspiration from this book the developer in partnership with Dairymen are bringing a new game based on the storyline. The game will be available to all mobile platforms and PC in Autumn 2020.

Check Out Orwells Animal Farm Trailer here:

The gameplay of the game centers around the peaks and lows of Animalism. Here some animals are treated in the same way while others are given much importance depending upon the exploitation and necessity. The details of the game announcement were done on the occasion of the 75th-anniversary celebration of Orwells Animal Farm book.

Orwells Animal Farm

This adventure game is listed on Steam, For more information about the game development process, storyline, characters, etc. tune in to the official webpage of the game here.



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