Pac-Man Geo

Pac-Man Geo Available for Pre-Registration

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The Pac-Man Geo from the Bandai Manco is available for pre-registration on both iOS Store and the Google Play Store. Bandai Namco is coming up with a unique way to utilize artificial intelligence in games, this new level game will explore the real-world environments with pellet-munching and some ghosts. Players can make their labels or play maps created by other players.


Interestingly, players will appreciate the game more intensely than ever, for example, the thrill of moving around the globe on their level, the excitement of exploring fascinating fields and the satisfaction of sharing new realms.

Pac-Man Geo

This year Pac-Man Geo also marks its 40th anniversary with its massive game hit stories and holds one of the greatest characters in video games. Its gameplay has always been simple, challenging and insanely fun for the players even today. The developers intend to release the game with the hungry yellow guy in over 170 regions soon.

Register Now for Pac-Man Geo!

The game is not yet available to play as this anticipated game title is set to launch on 30th November. However, pre-registration is available now, click here to register on the iOS Store and the Google Play Store.



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