Pokemon Café Mix

Pokemon Café Mix on Android & iOS

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The Pokemon franchise Nintendo, has come up with a recent game called Pokemon Café Mix. It is a fun puzzle game where you own a Pokemon Café and feed tasty dishes and drinks to Pokemon customers.


There are also Pokemon staffs (Befriend Pokémon’s in adorable uniforms) with special Cafe skills to assist you to expand your café by providing services and growing menu items.


Players need to get a high score by meeting the goals of each puzzle. You can upgrade to a high-class café by completing puzzles and unlocking new tools.


To build a café, you will face several obstacles such as sugar cubes, tomatoes, etc. where you might need help from Pokemon staff to solve the puzzle.

Watch Pokemon Café Mix Trailer:

To play this free-to-start game, download Pokemon Café Mix on Android and iOS on Google Play and Apple Store. It is also available to play on the Nintendo Switch and can be downloaded for free.


Pokemon Café Mix is the second game after Pokemon Quest from Pokemon franchise to roll in Mobile and Nintendo Switch. It also has in-game purchases like Golden Acorn Packs, Item Packs, Daily Acorn Party Packs, etc. Players can often redeem it to continue puzzles and get needful resources.

Pokemon Café Mix

Ready to Run Pokemon Café ?

Solve Puzzles, Serve Dishes, and Play with art styles.

Let more and more Pokemon visit your Café!

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Well, did you enjoy playing Pokemon Quest? Tell us in the comment section.

And don’t forget New Pokemon Snap is on the way.


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