Pokemon Masters Blissful Bonanza

Pokemon Masters Blissful Bonanza is live now

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The Pokemon Masters Blissful Bonanza event is live now which will run from 12th May to 31st May. This event will be once per day where players will battle against the other team and the winning team will be rewarded by one of the following:


  • Happy Ticket
  • Bliss Ticket
  • Joy Ticket


These tickets will help players to buy rarer items such as Co-op Sync Orbs, Lucky Cookies, and scrolls in exchange for tickets. Joy Tickets will reward you with 2-star cookies and Happy Tickets and Bliss Tickets will get you 3-star cookies respectively. The players must use Replay Tickets otherwise the number of things collected during the event will be restricted.

Pokemon Masters

However, people will only hope for Bliss Tickets but you need to have luck on your side when wishing for it. However, you are sure to collect Bliss Ticket x 10 rewards which can later be used to exchange valuable items. The only condition to play this game is that you must have completed Main Story Chapter 1 in single player.



Check out Pokemon Masters Blissful Bonanza now as its free-to-play game on App Store and Google Play Store.

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