PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat Measures

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PUBG Mobile on Anti-Cheat has announced a remedy on ongoing false practices that kills players in one shot. Cheaters are present everywhere and PUBG Mobile is also prone to nuisance. Therefore, the company is taking steps to detect and ban players who tend to destroy the whole game system.


The PUBG team went into monitoring players who used cheat codes in game. As a result, the operation team caught more than 10,000 players and issued a ban of 10 years for harming the gaming environment.

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat

PUBG Mobile Anti-Cheat Campaign

This initiative is towards creating a fair gaming environment that followed the Project: Ban Pan Campaign. The developers have added a ‘Death Replay’ Feature in the last update which helps players to know how they were killed from their opponents.


Other than this, the PUBG development team is proactively working to identify suspicious behavior or activities to overcome the cheating scenario.


Play PUBG Mobile by downloading it for free on the Google Play and App Store.


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