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PUBG Mobile Brings Royale 15 Battle Pass

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After a 1.0 version, PUBG Mobile brings Royale 15 Battle Pass also called Beyond A.C.E. It includes new challenges and a selection of innovative costumes and traditional costumes and even some tweaks to the interface. If you choose to register for the latest season, you can enjoy a number of unique topic incentives including the first opportunity to enhance the costumes of the original characters.

PUBG Mobile

Watch PUBG Mobile- Royale 15 Battle Pass:

An update was also made to the game’s UI. Now players will able to buy coupons directly from the voucher window which instantly transforms gained points into ordinary point cards. The PUBG Mobile Plus subscription has also seen some tweaks in the policy as now the rewards will cost for three 300UC rather than one 900UC.


Play out the free-to-play game title on the App Store and Google Play Store.

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