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PUBG Mobile Introduces New Kill/Death Ratio System from Season 13

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This article is written by Azhar Maner.

Season 12 was a landmark chapter for the game – as it celebrated the game’s second anniversary. After Season 12, PUBG: Mobile launched a massive upgrade in Season 13.

There are many big changes and updates in the game which you see below:

  • Updated Miramar with Sandstorm
  • Win94 with 2.7x Scope
  • Canted Sight Available
  • New Weapon: P90 in Arena Mode
  • Royale Pass Season 13: Toy Playground
  • New Classic Mode Content: Jungle Adventure in Sanhok
  • New Customizable Weapon System: Guncraft Finishes
  • Bluehole Mode: Brand New EvoGround Experience
  • New Anti-Cheating Implementation: Points Protection Against Cheater Kills

However, the new version also brings an important update that you might have missed. Previously players could push their K/D by simply surviving and camping as the K/D was calculated by taking the ratio of total number of kills and total number of deaths.

Apparently, the formula was: 

K/D Ratio = (Total Kills)/(Total Deaths)

This way one can increase their kills even if they don’t have enough kills per match. However, with the new K/D system introduced in season 13 of PUBG: Mobile, things have changed for good.


The K/D ratio calculation is done on the basis of total number of kills in every match. For instance, your K/D ratio is 6 and you win a match with 4 kills. In this case, your K/D ratio will decrease, as you got less kills compared to the existing K/D. To maintain a ratio of 6, you need to have 6 kills or above.


So now, the formula now looks like this:


K/D Ratio = (Total Kills) / (Total Matches Played)

I hope that you like this piece of article and do let me know what you guys think about the new Season 13 of PUBG: Mobile in the comments section.

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