PMWL Season Zero

PUBG Mobile: PMWL Season Zero Update

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PUBG Mobile Esports leagues have now emerged into the most popular esports leagues among the fans. And now the prestigious PMWL Season Zero has entered the final phase with 16 teams from the East and West Leagues qualified for the finals. The Finals will take place from August 6th to August 9th heading to $850,000 online season. The PUBG Mobile World League Season Zero showed some real action-packed matches and nail-biting climax.

PMWL Season Zero

Watch PUBG Mobile Esports Livestream here:

List of the 16 Teams of East League for the PMWL Season Zero Finals:

PUBG Mobile Esports

List of the 16 Teams of West League for the PMWL Season Zero Finals:

PUBG Mobile Esports

The PMWL Season Zero is a newly introduced global esports league which came into force on July 11th. As the global pandemic is sustaining at a higher peak, the makers changed the PMWL format to a fully online format.


The league started with 40 teams, with 20 teams joining World League East and 20 teams joining World League West. After, a thrilled 3 weeks battle now the following teams are listed to top 16 teams ready to battle for the crown of PMWL Season Zero of East and West, respectively.


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