PUBG's Sanhok map

PUBG’s Sanhok Map in Update 8.1

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PUBG will soon be getting some new features and improvements with 8.1 updates. The PUBG’s Sanhok Map and Loot Boxes are the forthcoming updates to be released on the PC on 22nd July while it will release on consoles by 30th July.


As seen in the latest short clip post on Twitter several parts of the Sanhok chart have been reworked including the Cave, Ruins, and Quarry.

PUBG Sanhok Map

PUBG’s Sanhok Map Update 8.1:

  • The Quarry now brings bridges for players to go across it until now. Other changes include a glimpse of armored truck mechanics and function.


  • The update will also introduce a new tactical tool-decoy grenade. When tossed, the decoy grenade produces sounds like gunfire, which is used to confuse opponents by letting them believe that the battle is taking place somewhere else.


  • Improvements to Sanhok often apply to modern aspects such as the loot trucks. The AI vehicles may attract players in pilfering.


  • The latest season is accompanied by the newest Survivor Pass, which gives players many new skins to win as they visit Sanhok locations.


  • Many other improvements arriving with update 8.1 is changed weather, map locations, missions, and much more.
PUBG update 03

Season 8 also begins as a new Ranking season, which shifts how the scores are determined and also incorporates team positioning.


One of the latest news by the gameindustry, PUBG has successfully sold more than 70 million copies through PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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