Raziel- Spawn Point

Raziel: Dungeon Arena Available Now for iOS & Android

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Indrasoft has brought action RPG game Raziel: Dungeon Arena to mobile platforms. The game contains both single-player and multiplayer dungeon activities, and challenges. The game covers ten chapters and 60 stages as players wrestle with armies of the undead and other beasts before grappling with heavy bosses. The gameplay tends to invoke old-school memories, hacking ‘n’ slashing fun as you are striking the herd.

Watch Raziel: Dungeon Trailer here:

Additional single-player modes are also available outside of the campaign. The Raziel: Dungeon Arena is full of replay value, and there is a survival mode, checked and long format raid maps containing random quests and dynamic goals. Single-player modes, survival mode, long raid maps with quests, and challenges are also available in the game.

Raziel: Dungeon

Every hero has 16 total skillsets to pick from and an immense talent tree to boot. The large scale of the talented Raziel trees enables players to tweak the construction of each hero according to their will. There is a variety of ways to group mates and to take on several enemies. This involves raid maps or much bigger Tavern bosses.


Raziel: Dungeon Arena ensures that players can battle two characters and switch them, making it easier to test multiple classes to learn new combat styles with greater detail and technique.


Check the free game title now on the Google Play Store and iOS Store with clean visuals, lighting effects, fun sound effects, and comprehensive animations.

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