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Reality Blending Feature in Pokémon Go

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Niantic Labs is planning to add a new AR feature i.e. Reality Blending Feature in Pokemon Go. This new feature is in the testing phase which will enable Pokemon to hide behind real-world objects, such as trees, plants, lamp posts, tables, and behind humans. This new feature will make the game more real life-like.

Check the new Reality Blending Feature in Pokemon Go here:

However, this new feature will make your Pokemon more interactive and responsive to the physical world. In addition to this feature, the company will also provide the PokeStop Scanning feature which will be available to players with more than level 40.  The PokeStop feature will let building 3D maps which in the future will connect virtual objects to the real world.

Players can experience this new feature in June 2020 and will only be available to a few smart phones like Samsung Galaxy S9 and S10, Google Pixel 3, and Pixel 4 and will support more smartphones in the future.


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Credits: PokemonGoLive

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