Dirt bike unchained game

Red Bull releases ‘Dirt Bike Unchained’ game

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One of the most popular energy drink brands Red Bull releases a new free-to-play ‘Dirt Bike Unchained ‘game on all mobile platforms. This is a motocross racer game that gives you options to choose from more than 20 bikes of all leading motorbikes companies which include Leatt, Thor, KTM Bike Industries, etc.

Dirt Bike gameplay

Red Bull Dirt Bike offers different exciting locations to race on i.e. from swamp to desert to forest and more. There are several missions to complete and earn in-game rewards.

The gameplay of this game gives you an adrenaline rush that features various game modes of different locations like power slides, jumping tracks and can be played single-player or multiplayer.



Check out the trailer of Red Bull Dirt Bike unchained here:

The good news for all motocross fans is that it features several real motocross enthusiasts like Johny Walked, Cooper Webb, Tarah Gieger, and more.

Download Dirt Bike Unchained to experience amazing gameplay right now here on Google Playstore and Apple store.

Credits : Red Bull Media Company

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