Ruinverse RPG

Ruinverse RPG Released for iOS & Android

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Ruinverse RPG is the latest game from Kemco, which is released for iOS and Android versions. It is a turn-based fantasy game set in the adventure universe.


The story of the game revolves around a princess, Allie, who has the soul of a young man, Alvyn. They meet and together headway to a journey to Stone Mountain. However, they can switch their skills and powers when they come into contact with Kit.


The father of the princess has been killed and now she is responsible to escort the kingdom and a young man named Kit has lost his all memory. And they both together go on an adventure trip in search of Dragon Tools of the Three Heroes. Their ultimate aim is to stand upright to the prejudice of the Evil Dragon.

Check out the official trailer of Ruinverse RPG here:

Features of Ruinverse game include:

  • Upgrade all weapons (sword, blade, etc.)
  • Complete monster guide to gain special items.
  • Diverse battle formations.
  • Availability of casual mode.
Ruinverse RPG

You can also download this game right away on Google Play Store for $7.99 and Apple Store for $8.99.

Source: KemcoGames

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