Slap Kings

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What is “Slap Kings” all about?


“Slap Kings” is a hyper-casual game where you Slap your opponents to be the best slapper! (Interestingly, one of the major odd things humans love to do)


Developer: Lion Studios


Genre: Hyper-casual
Available at: Android & iOS

The game is a no-brainer but has a hint of a challenge. This free to play game is amazing with upgrades and on the customization of character. It has a simple story play where two people face each other and take one-by-one turns to slap as hard as possible.

Presumably, the winner is the one who gets the other player knocked off the ring.

Slap Kings comes with a new concept, nice visuals, and gameplay that provokes any player to get easily hiked with the game. The core Slap all Kings goes a little something like this: you, as the player may start the game to play just a few levels but will end up spending a lot more time than imagined. When I started the game, I was like, “Hell Yeah! I’ll be the Master Slapper of all time.” But I lost in the second level itself.


TRICK OF THE GAME is to pause the needle which appear above your enemies in the center of the bar and you can come up with the most powerful slap to knock your opponent out of the game.

Don’t forget to try this trick and share your experiences in the comment section.

You have to continuously upgrade your health and power to sustain the upcoming levels or you will be defeated easily. This game appears challenging as if you forget to upgrade your health and power, you might end up losing to a not-so-good looking character (I think the developers created those on purpose. No Offense.)


Characteristics of Slapping Royalty:

  • Get set and slap hard!
  • Slap your rival hard to be the world’s best slapper king.
  • The harder is your slap the more is the possibility of you to meet the new challenger.


It is not just the slaps that make the game more engaging and interesting, but the details after depleting the health of the opponent to 0. There are 2 things that happen as soon as the player waves his finishing slap to the opponent’s face:

  • The opponent is thrown off the platform into the baying crowd. (It’s always funny)
  • The dance of our character after winning the match.

The graphics of the game are great and do not feel that there is anything major missing from the gameplay. The animation of a variety of slaps is great. The sound has also been looked upon to give you more of a heartfelt experience with keeping the vibration of the device in mind. Great arenas are designed and appear random each time so that players don’t get bored easily seeing the same platform.

COSTUMES- You can also try for additional costumes to look cooler in your slap session. Although it will not benefit your game in any way.

There are too many ads appearing in the game, Are they still too often? Absolutely Yes! but there is a workaround for the same (disable internet while playing) and admirable gameplay that makes ads bearable. The game provides (x5 coins) for watching an ad after defeating the opponent.


GET POWERFUL- Two possible stats to help you get more power-your health and your slap power. To achieve both of this you need to watch a video every time you win. Because these ads help you to boost your health and provides you a huge advantage against the upcoming strong and mean face-slapping opponents. As there are no In-App purchases for coins or disabling ads, the user has to face them no matter what as this is the only earning source of the developers.


There are few bugs that I encountered during the gameplay like:

  • Game does not respond to the back button on Android devices.
  • The person on whom the opponent falls does not rise again.
  • The damage meter gauge sometimes stops slightly after the player taps the screen causing less damage or in some cases, loss in the fight.



  • Funny and addictive game
  • Challenging at times
  • Decent amount of coins as a reward.
  • No In-App Purchases for in-game currency
  • Amazing graphics and animations.
  • Attention to detail is admirable.


  • Too frequent ads.
  • Back Button does not work on Android Devices.
  • No In-App Purchases for disabling ads.
  • It Gets repetitive after playing for a while.

Although there are few bugs, the game does not disappoint. The developers have created a game to make people enjoy and laugh at. However, with many opponents and higher challenges, the game feels repetitive if played for a long time. So, make sure you play this game keeping its casual play in mind. And yes, don’t forget to slap hard!

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