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Solstice of Heroes Event in Destiny 2

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Solstice of Heroes Event is returning to Destiny 2. This free event will start from tomorrow i.e. August 11th to September 8th. All guardians who accomplish the Eva’s challenge will unlock a free music track of Solstice of Heroes.


In order to honour humanity’s leading defenders and their sacrifices. This time Eva Levante is back to the Tower waiting for all guardians by the Heroes Statue. Players also have the chance to earn armor pieces on defeating opposition army.

Watch the Gameplay Trailer of Solstice of Heroes Event in Destiny 2:

All those who want to power-up their capabilities can unlock Solstice Packages which has powerful gear and new armor upgrades. New ornaments, accessories, etc are also available to players to customize their look on defeating enemies through co-op and PvP modes.

Destiny 2

Play this free-to-play title and experience the FPS combat on the Google Play Store and App Store now. You can also pre-order on PlayStation 4, Xbox One X, PC via Steam and Google Stadia. Destiny 2 will also be available to next-gen consoles by upgrading from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 and Xbox One X to Xbox Series X.



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