Space Rider Officially Released on Android

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Spawn Point Gaming has introduced its first game called Space Rider and published it on Android globally. The game is focused on casual mobile gaming with an intuitive gameplay mechanism. It is interesting to note that just after 72 hours of the game launch, it has been successful to get 120+ installs and 100+ reviews.


The game involves theme content such as spaceships, blitzrs, and vivid colorful environments with different in-game music. Here the only mission of players is to survive and collect blitzrs by avoiding obstacles and challenges they face in their infinite riding journey.

Space Rider

Explore the Trailer of Space Rider here:

The creators have given the best visual assets capable to keep the interests of gamers. The game holds different wander experiences on different environments such as evergreen forest, desert, slush snow, and igneous lava giving up unique experiences for players.


There are free spaceships available to start your play. Well, you can also unlock premium spaceships and other game content through in-game and real currencies. All you need is to gain the highest blitzrs count to get top of the leader board.


Have you tried the SPACE RIDER yet? If not, then go ahead and grab this amazing and insanely fun game from google play store today and a couple of weeks later on App Store.


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