Space Rider

Space Rider Teaser will Release on 11th July

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Spawn Point Gaming is here with its first game titled ‘Space Rider’. The game teaser will release tomorrow, which will give insides of what’s coming to the casual genre. It is also a fine reminder that we’ll be getting this game announcement sometime soon. However, the game studio has not given any official announcement of the game’s release date but is expected to release to the end of July month.

Some Social Highlights of Space Rider Game:

Space Rider

Till now Spawn Point Gaming has revealed the logo of Space Rider game along with exclusive maps namely Forest, Desert, and snow mentioning that something major is coming to the play store soon. Recently, SPG has also pulled off behind the scene footage of ‘Spaceship making’.

Space Rider Game

Other detailed information of the game features, gameplay, and maps will only be unveiled once the trailer arrives. Interestingly enough, gamers will soon be treated with a new casual game that is sure to create fondness among the masses. At the moment this casual game is only announced for Mobile versions i.e. for Android and Apple users.


Excited to go for a ride?


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About Spawn Point Gaming

The Spawn Point Gaming Company has roots going back to game testing equipping them with a clear understanding of game development journey, a hunger to create new experiences for gamers and therefore it’s fun to speculate about what their first mobile game will hold?


#RidersGotGame. Stay tuned with us for more!