Stellaris Galaxy Command

Stellaris Galaxy Command is Out on Mobile

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Paradox Interactive has launched the sci-fi RPG game Stellaris Galaxy Command for all mobile platforms. This multiplayer strategy game includes exploration, politics, warfare, and more. Players have the power and resources to build their own space station by galactic civilization.


Galaxy Command has an immersive storyline that will deliver a strategy experience to the fans. Players need to control the orbital station inhabited by other team players. Forging alliances with other stations and wage rivalry with players who get in your way are important to control the cosmos. It has a single galaxy and 1000+ star systems to forage.

Watch Stellaris Galaxy Command Trailer here:

Stellaris Galaxy Command game has short play sessions and systematic controls making it more mobile optimized. It is based in an open-world and designed with 3D graphics. Stellaris galaxy features visuals and characters sync with the latest technology. When it comes to defining your civilization, principles, and ethics will play a large part to take control of complete galaxies.

Stellaris Galaxy Command

Play Galaxy Command, a free-to-play game on Android and iOS now on the Google Play Store and App Store.




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