Super Mario Kart Tour- Spawn Point

Super Mario Kart Tour to Bring SNES-Era Mario & Donkey Kong Jr

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Super Mario Kart Tour of Summer season is nearing the end, and now Nintendo is ready to give its fans more entertainment through by bringing SNES- Era Mario & Donkey Kong Jr. They are one of the favorite characters from the original Super Mario Kart game of 1992.

Super Mario Kart Tour

Explore Super Mario Kart Tour here:

This tour was unveiled recently during the 35th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros, which also included many other exciting and thrilling updates, including the Mario Kart Live: home AR circuit and, most notably, the launch of the Super Mario 3D.


The new tour in this free-to-play game title is all set to begin from the coming week i.e. September 8th and will run until September 22nd. Jump into this fantastic Super Mario Kart Tour by downloading it from the Google Play Store and App Store.



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