Surviving Titan

Surviving Titan available for iOS and Android

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Surviving Titan is the latest open-world indie game available now for both Android and iOS. It is a survival adventure game featured on a planet called Titan. It has a great story play where your ship has crashed and now you are suffering from amnesia with a basic survival kit. As you progress further into the planet Titan, you need to trade, fight, explore, and survive the alien world.

Check out the launch trailer below

It has a great game design and amazing gameplay to keep the interest of all players. In total there are 7 skills to master which appears on leader boards as you adept each skill. On and all this game is all about to stay alive and discover a way out.


Pick it up ‘Surviving Titan’ and experience this amazing game right now on Google Store, App Store and Steam with $3.99.


Credits: Surviving Titan

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