Tales of Crestoria

Tales of Crestoria Live on iOS & Android

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The most anticipated RPG game from developer Bandai Namco, Tales of Crestoria is live on iOS and Android platforms. It was expected to release on 22nd July 2020 but the makers launched the title 1 week before its original release.


The game possesses a dramatic storyline with several new characters and elements. It has detailed 3D graphics and high-quality music. In Tales of Crestoria, there are tons of missions where Kanata the protagonist fights to challenge fate.


The game allows you to witness the animated techniques with just a button press. There are also ‘Mystic Artes’ which are seen as special abilities.

Watch Tales of Crestoria Trailer here:

The Bandai Namco group is celebrating the launch of the game by hosting an in-game campaign. All new players will get 20 free summons and can choose any one SSR/SR characters from past Tales. The Memoria Stone characters include Asbel, Cress, Jude, Estelle, Leon, Ludger, Milla, Stahn, Velvet, Yuri and more.

Players can create their squad from the characters of Tales of Series lore. They can also undergo customization in terms of strength and cosmetics.


Download this brand-new free-to-play turned-based RPG title with in-app purchases on Google Play Store and Apple Store here.



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