the Everlasting Regret

Tencent Releases the Everlasting Regret Puzzle Game

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The Tencent Games has released a new poetic puzzle game titled the Everlasting Regret. This puzzle game revolves around an ancient Chinese era and is taken from a Chinese narrative poem written by a great poet Bai Juyi. The chapters are crafted to portray the tragic love story of the Tang Dynasty.

the Everlasting Regret

The gameplay of the game is simple, fun and slow-paced which makes you find certain images and creating your art. In order to move to the next page, the players need to solve puzzles, there are also three paint elements present namely Vivify, Bond, and Destroy which will help players to discover new scenarios.

Watch the Everlasting Regret Puzzle Game

The Everlasting Regret Puzzle Game is the first project from a team of five graduates who want to transform poems into interactive games. The story revolves around a king named Xuanzong who fell in love with a girl named Yang and forgets all his duties as he was very much indulging in love.


Suddenly, the war broke out in his kingdom and he took the girl with him in fear of leaving her alone. His men get to know that the king is distracted by Yang and demand to kill her to save the distraction of king and kingdom from the opposition. Xuanzong has left no choice but to agree to it and after the war ended, he is regretting of his decisions and recalls all the beautiful memories he spent with her.

the Everlasting Regret

The game is accessible in various languages such as Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean on more than 50 markets across the globe. Download this free game title to Android and iOS devices from the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.


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