The classic snake game- ‘Snake Core’ of Orangepixel’s is releasing on Android

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Snake Core game is now available as a premium release on the App Store for $2.99 and android version set for later release. Players who are interested for this game on PC platforms can play via steam. It is the latest shooter game and expected to deliver fun through it’s game-play. This is an arcade game which combine the elements of the original Snake game.


There are different game modes available with a little twist as you move forward. Check out the trailer of this Snake Core Game below;

The storyline is different from the previous snake game i.e. having bite of food and slowly getting bigger as you progress to next level. Here it aims to save soldiers who will then follow the ever-growing conga line.


You can use these soldiers to attack aliens, defuse explosives and for defending locations as you move to consecutive levels. For power-ups each of the soldiers can also be changed and upgraded to put safer or stronger weaponry into combat.


The game can be played in either landscape or portrait as per your choice. It also has many control and elements to choose from. Players only need to follow the classic snake game rule of not hitting to walls.