Jurassic World DLC

The Jurassic World DLC in Minecraft Out Now!

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Mojang Studios has released the Jurassic World DLC in Minecraft now. Here players need to manage a resort which is a dinosaur theme park, can build and train dinosaurs and undertake exciting experiences. The new content shows new gameplay mechanics with functional innovative additions within the game.

Explore the Jurassic World DLC in Minecraft here:

The new content comprises of over 60 species of dinosaurs, multiple locations, and cover 20+ skins from five films. There is an army of NPCs for the proper management of the resort. Players can also undertake adventures to find dinosaur DNA and manage every problem of dinosaurs in the park.

Jurassic World DLC

Check out the Jurassic World in the Minecraft Marketplace and find the most interesting and realistic dinosaurs in less than $10 or 1340 Minecraft coins. Play this fun game title from the Apple store and the Google Play Store at just $6.99. It is also available to play on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.


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