The Witcher Monster Slayer Spawn Point

The Witcher Monster Slayer RPG Arriving on Android and iOS

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The Witcher Monster Slayer RPG is arriving soon on both Android and iOS devices to give out the AR experience. This game title is developed at Spokko studio of CD Projekt Red’s where you are cast as a Witcher with the responsibility to bow down host in foul creatures.


Earlier CD Projekt Red has released The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in 2015 which was a massive hit. Now, the team is back with another Witcher franchise with AR inspired mechanics like Pokémon GO.

Explore The Witcher Monster Slayer Gameplay Trailer:

This RPG combat is story-driven with efficient Augmented Reality which we might not have seen in other AR games. There are a number of monsters such as sirens, ghouls, hags and more to fight with and in turn, earn trophies. It has amazing gameplay which makes you step into the role of Geralt of Rivia and destroy the monsters surrounding them.


It has game mechanics that is infused with high-quality audiovisuals that are tailored for the amazing gaming experience. The game may be most likely to follow the free-to-play concept and adopts the micro-transaction allowing players to explore the realm and battle with monsters.


The gameplay trailer showcases the action combination when a player travels and monsters emerging nearby. We would also presume to change certain elements of the gameplay through location and the predominant environmental conditions.

The Witcher Monster Slayer

Here players need to use Witcher combat strategies such as magical signs, oils, bombs, etc and weapons like a sword to defeat the monsters and earn trophies and bonuses. The game is most likely to follow AR mechanics like real-time element detection in the real-world. It could be certainly the reason for the people to try their hands on this game. The Witcher Monster Slayer is soon to be released on Android and iOS devices.



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