Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Arrives on iOS!

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The iOS version of the game Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales has released this week on iOS and now the company is willing to release it on Android later this year. The Witcher Tales is developed from the creators of the Witcher Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red and the release date is yet not disclosed.

Watch Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales Gameplay Trailer here:

It is the popular RPG game that headed to the mobile gaming community. Thronebreaker follows open-world packed with action and adventure. Players can go for multiplayer battles and can claim for ornaments and special goodies for free. The Witcher game provides a touch control screen that is suited for mobile platforms.


One of the best features Thronebreaker provides is that players can save their game progress on the cloud system and can also continue playing on PC, other mobile devices, etc.

Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales

All the worldwide fans of the Witcher series are already excited for its iOS release and thrilled about the arrival announcement on android.


The game is currently available to play on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One. Check out Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales on App Store at $9.99.



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